Hands-on workshop Odour tests of packaging materials – preregistration

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Tips & tricks for odour tests of packaging materials’

date will be scheduled using doodle after preregistration of at least 5 participants 

13.30 u – 17.00 u

Incubatie- en Innovatiecentrum Universiteit Gent, Technologiepark 3, BE-9052 Gent (Zwijnaarde) (route description (building 603))

During this hands-on workshop practical tips & tricks for sensory analysis of food contact materials/food packaging materials,  especially for odour tests, will be given.

Sensory quality control of base materials/substrates or food packagings by packaging producers or entrance control by food producers can be very important to avoid packaging-related taints of packaged food products. SENSTECH helps companies to start with a sensory panel for sensory quality control of food packagings. During this hands-on workshop practical tips & tricks to select and train a sensory panel for food contact materials will be explored.


  • introduction: odour problems of food contact materials (FCM)/ food packaging materials
  • case studies of packaging-related taints in packaged food products and off-odours of food packaging materials
  • odour wheel FCM: odour-active volatile components in food contact materials
  • good practices for sensory analysis in the field of food contact materials: sensory test room, selection and training of a sensory panel, selection of descriptors, sample preparation and presentation, types of sensory tests: triangle test, ranking test and quantitative descriptive analysis
  • (European) standards for sensory analysis of different packaging materials (Robinson test, EN 1230:2010, DIN 10955: 2004, ISO 13302:2003)
  • tips & tricks for selection and training of a sensory panel (depending on the type of packaging material)
  • practical odour tests of (printed) packaging materials (paper/card board and polymeric materials)


dr. Inge Dirinck, technological advisor of SENSTECH (Flemish Advise Centre for Sensory Quality of Food Products and Food Contact Materials)

Target group

Employees from Quality Control and R&D Departments of food and packaging companies and their suppliers, …


  • number of participants is limited to 10 persons
  • SENSNET members: € 120,00 (vat excl.; handouts and coffee included)
  • other participants: € 240,00 (vat excl.; handouts and coffee included)


Alimento (formerly IPV) gives a support of € 60,00 for all participants of PC 220.

Preregistration using following link.